Here’s how it goes…We see motivational stuff posted on different social media platforms regularly. They are posted for our benefit: to give us strength, to pick ourselves back up when we are down, or to remind us to pursue our dreams. However the good intention of the post, some go over our head, some we repeat, but many become words; read in the moment and then filed in the back of our minds and/or forgotten. This got me on the wonder train…how much of this stuff do we actually internalize? We can read something, repeat it, and unless we put our new knowledge to work, will still maintain our same patterns and belief systems. Becoming the greatest version of yourself will take time and a lot of daily practice. I encourage you to write down the 10 tips I have written below, even if you put it into your own words it will make a difference. Place these where you can read it every day as a reminder. I will recommend placing it in the bathroom, or in a spot that you cannot miss seeing it every day. There is much more than what I have listed, but this is plenty to get us started.

1) Practice self-love.  

Feed your body with proper nutrition, and get plenty of rest.  Exercise without feeling like it is punishment. Look in the mirror each day and say with truth, “I love you, and I am going to take care of you every day.” I know it sounds fluffy…trust me, it gets easier as time goes on!

Love Yourself!

2) Stop thinking self-limiting thoughts.  

You are good enough and deserve the best in life. Let go of distractions that anchor you. Let go of fear, of the past, of what you don’t like. Instead, focus on what you do like, and on what makes you happy.

3) Let what you want to happen, happen.  

Each of us was given the ability to tap into the magic inside of us, to receive what we desire. Stay focused on your dreams and goals without getting sidetracked on the things that do not work in your energy zone.

4) Express gratitude each and every day.  

Start with just stating one thing per day that you are grateful for. This practice allows you to stay grounded, but also attracts more to you. It allows you to manifest abundance.

5) Be authentic…be real.  

Express how you feel, from your mind and heart. Listen to your inner voice, it is always the right one. Live from the inside out, not the other way around.

A stylish girl under a sign that reads 'Authenticity Is Sexy'
Be Authentic!
6) Always keep learning. 

Read, explore, and ask questions. Knowledge is power, and leads you to find more interests and talents.

7) Live your own life.

Strut your own stuff.  Do not let someone else’s expectations lead you…Not your partner, not your bestie, not your parents. Know & honor your energetic boundaries. Learn to block out energy vampires and nay-sayers.

8) Visualize what you want, and actually, feel it happening.  

Imagine yourself being in that place, feeling the excitement from getting the promotion, or whatever it is you have your heart set on. Do this daily. With pure intention, you will receive and achieve what you put your mind and attention on, so choose wisely.

9) Be open. 

When you create this space, it allows your energy to expanding where more opportunities are attracted to you. Do allow love on any level to come in. The opposite of being open is being blocked. This places a barrier that stops the flow of abundance.

10) Focus on your inner champion!  

Being in competition with, or comparing yourself to others only places resistance and barriers on yourself. You don’t have to be #1 at everything to prove that you are a winner. Remind yourself what you are good at, and compliment yourself often.

For my last tidbits…Continue to grow, dream big, seek, play, and love. Every day we get a chance to build on our greatness, don’t dismiss (yourself) out.

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