Have you ever wondered about the secret to attracting a partner? You don’t have to be gorgeous, smart, and rich to attract someone else’s attention. The wonderful truth is that it’s much easier than that. Most people, both men, and women are drawn to the same attributes in others.

Here are 10 tips for attracting someone else’s attention.

1. Show that you are happy to see the other person.

In spite of popular belief, being aloof isn’t the best way to catch the attention of someone else. If you like someone, respect that person enough not to play games.

Indian lady in a car who is enthusiastically saying hello to someone she like.
Show the other person that you are genuinely happy to see them | 10 Trusted Ways To Attract Someone You Like

When the two of you meet, show some enthusiasm. Most people are flattered to know that someone else is excited to be with them.

2. Listen with honest interest.

Real listening is an uncommon skill and learning to do it well can quickly separate you from the crowd. Pay attention when the other person is talking. Ask relevant questions and make comments that show you are paying attention.

For extra points, hold onto information the person reveals and bring it back up later. For example, if the person reveals a weakness for ice cream, text a few days later suggesting that the two of you go out for some.

3. Be willing to laugh at yourself.

You aren’t perfect, and neither is the object of your affection. There’s no reason to take yourself seriously. Be comfortable enough to laugh at yourself when you make a mistake or say something stupid.

4. Show kindness to others.

Being rude to folks, like the waiter at a restaurant, is a huge turn-off to most people.  Show that you are a kind and caring person by being patient and friendly to everyone you come into contact with. Don’t act like a bully, and don’t tell jokes that make you sound like an unkind person.

5. Give the person your full attention.

When you are with the other person, show that you are interested enough to be present. That means not sticking your nose in your phone or staring at another group of people while the two of you are talking. Being the focus of someone else’s attention is flattering, and people like to be flattered.

6. Enjoy yourself.

Two Soul Train dancers having a good time
Be sure to have a good time!

Someone who is having a good time is instantly more attractive than someone who would obviously rather be doing something else. Show that you are happy in your skin and that you have a positive outlook on life. Other people will want to be part of your great mood and will be drawn in by your attitude.

7. Make eye contact.

Eye contact is a huge part of physical attraction. Studies have shown over and over again that holding someone’s eye is the perfect way to stimulate interest.

If you want someone to notice you, look that person directly in the eye while you are talking. Making eye contact from across a room is also a great way of sharing a bonding moment just between the two of you.

8. Show confidence.

While arrogance is not attractive, confidence is. Show that you value yourself, and other people will be more likely to value you as well.

Avoid putting yourself down or pointing out your flaws. Make it clear that you are comfortable with who you are, and you believe you are worth knowing.

9. Make the first move.

Show confidence and take initiative by making the first move | 10 Trusted Ways To Attract Someone You Like

Both men and women like to be approached by a potential partner, and making someone else feel special is an excellent way of starting a relationship. It’s scary to risk rejection, but it’s worth the risk if you really like someone. Someone who may not have considered you a match might suddenly see you in a new light if you are upfront about the way you feel. And that gives you the opening to show what an amazing person you are.

10. Smile.

Smiling will always make you look better and more approachable to another person. A smile is an instant clue that you are a happy, fun-loving person who is friendly and enjoys other people.

A smile from you can truly lift another person and brighten someone else’s day. It might also stir some romantic interest.

While there is no guarantee that the person you are attracted to will return your affection, there are plenty of ways to make it more likely. These 10 tips will help you present yourself in a way that will make you easy to like and send signals that someone else would want to get to know you. Try them the next time you want to attract the attention of a potential love interest.

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