100+ Rabbits Rescued from Rochester Town Property

A massive herd of 118 rabbits found new temporary lodging at Upstate NY’s Ulster County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (UCSPCA), all of whom were rescued from a single property in the town of Rochester. An investigation into the property was conducted after calls came in from residents in the area reporting the rabbits, who were reportedly living under unsanitary and unhealthy conditions when the UCSPCA liberated them last month.

Since then, shelter facilities have been quickly adapted to care for these rescued rabbits. Speaking to Kingston, NY’s Daily Freeman, UCSPA executive director Gina Carbonari detailed their condition, which included isolation for things like respiratory illness. As of Saturday, all but eight of the rabbits had been brought out of isolation.

Rehoming these many animals is definitely an undertaking, and fellow community resources and rescues like the Saugerties Animal Shelter have pitched in to accept some of the bunnies and work towards their adoption.

Carbonari also advocates for the difficulty of caring for rabbits, which is timely advice following Easter. It’s a time of year when there tends to be an influx of rabbit adoption, many of which fail to receive proper care and/or get put up for adoption shortly thereafter. “Rabbits are not as easy as people think they are… Handling a rabbit is really a skill set. They require very specific habitats and very specific foods.”

Although there no details have been shared as to the original property owner in Rochester from whom these rabbits were saved, formal charges against them are pending in the town’s court.

For anyone who wants to donate to the UCSPA, please visit their website.

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