12-Year-Old Boy Scout Rescues Two Hikers and Their Dog in Hawaii

A remarkable young man in Hawaii helped with a surprising rescue of two hikers who were out on the trail, alongside their dog. the couple, whose names were revealed as JD and Aimee, had been out on the Waimano Hiking Trail on Saturday but became completely lost, ran out of supplies, and were very lucky to run into 12-year-old Boy Scout David King and his mother Christine.

David was out with his mother for a 15-mile hike for the purpose of a Boy Scouts Merit Badge, and were only three miles from the finish line, according to reporting by KHON2 News. Right at that moment, they encountered JD and Aimee, who were completely lost and had not seen another hiker for hours. Even worse, their 100-pound dog Smokey was not used to the terrain and had cuts on his paws.

Luckily, David’s Boy Scout training kicked in, and he devised a method to bring Smokey carefully along and to safety: a homemade stretcher; David explains, “We built them a stretcher using a big tree branch that we broke in half and used our shirts and slid it on using the armholes to fit the sticks through.” His mother had doubts that it would work to carry the sizeable pup, but it worked perfectly, and Smokey seemed quite happy to be given the royal treatment.

The group hiked three miles back to the beginning of the trail in an experience that must have been exhausting; David explained to KHON2 News that he had played a soccer game before starting the hike!

Reports state that Smokey’s cut paws have now been cared for and that he is in good spirits, and David seems over the moon that he was able to fulfill his Boy Scout duties in helping others, even at the cost of a hiking badge.

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