16-Year-Old Budding Engineer Builds Wheelchairs for Disabled Animals

A young engineer in Champlin, Minnesota is making a huge difference for disabled animals. 16-year-old Shaine Kilyun designs homespun wheelchair solutions for special needs animals in her free time after school. The animal lover personally cares for two cats, a dog, a turtle, and a guinea pig at home, but her keen scientific eye and design skills have recently helped fashion a mobility device for a paraplegic rescue dog from Saudi Arabia.

According to an updated story on FOX9 News, Kilyun has now completed approximately ten wheelchairs in all, including one for the aforementioned pup, now living in the US. Scooter is two years old and gets around by dragging his body forward, a method that has made him injury prone on his legs as they scrape against the ground. Internationally recognized nonprofit Home for Life Animal Sanctuary in Wisconsin took Scooter into their care, but wheelchairs for dogs are an enormous expense, running in the range of hundreds of dollars. That’s where Kilyun’s selfless after-school work comes in.

She was able to fashion two wheelchair carts for Scooter and shipped them over to the nonprofit, and the resultant incredible footage shows the rescue now able to get around, all at no cost. Lisa Leverdiere works for Home for Life Animal Sanctuary and describes the effect of Kilyun’s work: “It’s very hard to raise money in these times. So for her to make not one cart but two carts for us probably saved us close to $1,000.”

Kilyun has been raising donations for her supplies and continued efforts, and Zelle payments can be made to support her at Wheeliesdogwheelchairs@gmail.com. She is reportedly working now on a wheelchair solution for a disabled duck!

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