As much as we would want to always be positively optimistic in life, we are surrounded by negative people, and sometimes realities of life just bring us down. In these situations, staying on track with our positive energy seems like a mammoth task. Some people would simply come to bring us down with their negative talk and at the end of the day, we would feel all drained and negative ourselves. Is there a way out of this situation, though? Can we change the environment around us so that we will not be able to absorb its negative vibes? The answer is YES. But it is not a thing that can happen overnight. Let us speed through some of the actions we can take to avoid falling into the despair of negative energy.

Avoid negative company

Our circle of friends has a huge influence on how we feel. We all can recognize negative people from their usual talk. So it is up to you to change your company. If you frequently are in the company of those who are always sprouting pessimistic thoughts and wallowing in misery, you will easily absorb that negative energy. As the word goes, “Bad associations spoil useful habits.” Find genuinely motivated people; people of determination and focus. These will incite you to always be proactive in life. However, it does not mean you have to be a snob about it. When the situation arises, try to help those who are feeling down so that they too can become optimistic in life.

Stay away from technology

In this era where we are always connected, you do not necessarily have to be physically around negative people to experience negative vibes. Media, be it mainstream or some social media, has invaded our lives in such a way that we cannot stay tranquil in our corners. To avoid taking in all the pessimistic news, we need to learn to disconnect ourselves from certain sites and applications. Try to see which sites affect your mood and stay away from them. Try to wean yourself from all the unnecessary online activities that might bring you down.

Avoid Clutter

Our environment can also have a direct influence on our mood. A generally disorganized environment often triggers stress in us. You might not have noticed it but when you walk into a cluttered environment, your stress levels go up. Arrange your workspace well. Do some Feng Shui if you would. This does not only end with our physical environment. Try also to work on your schedule. Make sure everything is done in time and no jobs are left for the next time. Do not procrastinate. Always act on time and avoid doing things on the last day. If you free your schedule this way, you will always feel that satisfaction of a job well done and you will not feel that oppressing depression of overdue work.

Give yourself some time off

When you find yourself always adrift in your mind and constantly feeling down and low, it is a sign that you need some rest away from whatever it is you are doing. Reward yourself with some time off your job and try to relax in a new environment. Nature walks are very helpful. Try to go away for a holiday or simply do something that you love. This will help you gather your thoughts and regroup. A tired body is awash with stress hormones that impact not only our mood but also our health. Go to a spa if you feel like you are wound too tight. Do anything that makes you relax and re-energize.

Learn to let go and practice mindfulness

At times our mind is our enemy. We drag all the negative energy with us in the form of regrets and grudges. The past can weigh us down if we do not learn to let go of it. Teach your mind to focus on the present through acts of meditation and mindfulness. Letting go is a tough thing to do but it is doable. Do not carry around unnecessary baggage. Free yourself from the chains of negative thoughts from the past. Breathe and live each day as it comes.

Be grateful

Gratitude picture quote: "I am grateful my name is on the wake-up list this morning. Thank you for another day."

Negative thoughts usually come because we do not learn to appreciate what we have. We will be focused strongly on what we do not have instead. This festers up resentment and disappointment. Stop being an ingrate. Be thankful for all the things you have. Stop moaning over the half-empty side of the glass but look at what you have inside the glass instead. A grateful soul is generally a very happy and optimistic one. It is healing to be grateful.

We cannot be happy and positive all the time in life. We have our low moments too. Try as much as you can to exercise, eat healthily and sleep well. If you find out you are not winning, try to talk to someone and find help. Unloading our thoughts will help you heal and let go.