Some animals may seem difficult at first, but all they really need is patience is care. When foster mom Liv rescued Pizza, she was living in a feral cat colony and very pregnant. Pizza was rather ferocious, seemingly protective of her little ones. As a result, Liv’s original plan was to just care for her through birth and return her to the colony once she was healthy and recovered, but sometimes these kinds of plans go awry.

When Liv first brought Pizza home, the recent-mom-cat mostly hid away in boxes or corners of the room. Anytime she was approached she would hiss and growl; The Dodo’s feature video on her showcases Pizza running the grouchy gamut any time her foster mom drew near. Liv did notice that she was extra protective of her kittens as well, so chalked most of this behavior up to protective motherhood.

After the kittens got older, Liv thought to introduce them to some of her other fosters in a similar age group. Pizza was starting to calm down slightly and cautiously come out of her shell, but Liv had to decide whether she was keeping her or sending her back out with the rest of the feral cats. She thought that maybe Pizza was starving for fellow feline company, so Liv decided to introduce her to her other fosters.

It worked too well – Pizza immediately ran up to all of the cats and seemed at peace, and began cuddling, grooming, and rolling around with the best of them. However, one of Liv’s cats named George, known for being as antisocial as can be, became the one who Pizza was the fondest of.

As Pizza and George got closer, Liv realized that she had unknowingly welcomed in a new adoption. Now Pizza and George spend their days cuddling, something Liv describes as “my married couple.” Despite a shaky past and some rough years, love may always be lying in wait just around the corner.

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