All 11 Cats at This Recently Reopened Cat Café in Portland are Now Adopted

There are reportedly more than 125 cat cafés in the United States, and Portland’s own Purrington’s is off to a great start. The cat café has been active since 2019, though it was greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic and closed in March 2020. Now it’s back, and its roster of non-caffeinated felines have been successfully adopted, with more to come.

Speaking with Willamette Week, Purrington’s co-owner Garrett Simpson describes the reopening as “successful,” stating that, “Ten of our 11 cats were put on hold for adoption.” The cat café sources its friendly animals from Cat Adoption Team, an adoption-guarantee shelter he previously volunteered at, and combines his food and wine background with his love for animals at the destination establishment.

Guests at Purrington’s pay an entry fee to sit and read a book alongside a collection of cats, and pandemic precautions limit visit times and total guests allowed. Staff sanitizes the room between visitors and have been doing their best to keep the café safe and sensible, and menus have apparently been pared down to minimize maskless time spent around its whiskered “staff.”

Simpson also states that Purrington’s will pivot if there are fewer cats, and this rush of adoption will hopefully usher in a few new faces at the café. If anyone in the area wants to learn more, they can visit the Purrington’s website and reserve some quality reading time, but rules kindly ask that visitors, “Refrain from picking up the cats. It’s tough to resist, we know.”

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