When Naomi Pascal lost her teddy bear back in October of 2020, she was crestfallen. The six-year-old had held that bear throughout much of her life, ever since her parents adopted her from an Ethiopian orphanage and sent it across the ocean to her, where it was a trusty companion for her trip to Wyoming and beyond. One year later, Naomi was grateful for this joyous reunion with her stuffed bear, named “Teddy.”

Ben Pascal, his wife, and their children live in Jackson Wyoming, and Ben is a senior pastor at the Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole. After the Pascals adopted Naomi, Teddy was never out of sight and had accompanied Naomi on many family trips to different countries, but it was her in the US where the bear would mysteriously vanish.

As per a story at FOX9 News, the Pascals were on a trip to Montana visiting Glacier National Park. It’s unclear how exactly Teddy disappeared, but they searched for the bear everywhere and could not find it. They even went so far as to speak to park rangers to check if anyone had found it and turned it in, but to no avail. It also didn’t help that the snowfall made it very easy for a lost item to end up buried underneath inches, so their best bet was that a hiker or someone else might find it after the snow melted.

In the meantime, they purchased another bear for Naomi, but Teddy held obvious significance. Luckily, park ranger Tom Mazzarisi agreed, as he found the stuffed animal buried in the snow but, for some reason, couldn’t bear to simply discard it. He kept it in his patrol car, where the family friend the Pascals had previously visited spotted it one day.

It’s all a pretty amazing coincidence that, after a full year and being lost in the natural vastness of Glacier National Park, Naomi and Teddy were happily reunited. A girl of few words, Naomi had this to say on the return of her favorite stuffed companion: “I felt really happy.”

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