Anonymous Grandparents Pay off Toy Store Layaways for 82 Families

Christmas came in November for patrons of an Australian toy shop, as an anonymous pair of grandparents swooped in with a special surprise for 82 families. The location of this generous gift was Toyworld, a toy store located in the city of Bendigo in Victoria, Australia, which has been around for over 40 years. Despite all this time running their store and being part of the Bendigo community, the owners certainly didn’t expect a secret Santa pair of this caliber to magically show up this past Wednesday.

Toyworld owner Scott Mills described to The Age how the anonymous couple stopped by and explained how they wanted to help the shop’s struggling customers: “They told us a story about how they were in hardship when they were younger and struggled to pay their bills ahead of Christmas… After the crap year we’ve all had, they wanted to some good.”

For the 82 families with layaways registered at Toyworld, their Christmases were about to be fully sorted out. Mills understands the frustration and challenges of these customers, who try to structure their layaway payments to ensure their young ones have a bountiful holiday morning, one which is even harder to reach than ever for many families.

Mills himself obviously knows who these benefactors are, but he is keeping their anonymity and exact financial contribution a secret, as per their wishes. The Age also reports that the Toyworld staff cried during the conversations with the layaway-paying families by phone on Wednesday, but those were probably the best phone calls of the year.

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