David C. Sarnacki

Create childish words. Commingle what you feel with determined, mesmerizing, musical voices whispering cry smile wonder.

A SON’S PRAYER Oh dear God, help my dad every day he sure needs it

Risk arrest Run Play a children’s game Hire a sitter Lift baggage Open doors Open a window Open your mind Expand your patience Feel peace Cause excitement Kiss the children

Warm someone’s cheek Whisper Caress Kiss for 10 seconds, or more, or for the rest of your life Be there Love Long Belong Be loyal Be love Be with someone always Belong to yourself

Find your soul and keep it in your heart. Feed it, honor it for what it is, your presence in this world, open, fresh, inspirational.

CANYON river, most mighty, waiting for the sun to melt a single snowflake

Rest and wonder. When you rise you will walk another step toward one moment and not some other a first step toward changing the rest of your life.

Looking for a mystery to take over your life? Sit down with some small detail let it settle like cream in your coffee, swirling hot, steaming slow, rising