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Brothers In Nineties Finally Reunited After Year Apart

Two brothers in their 90s – the last of nine siblings – emotionally reunite after being separated for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Brothers Charles and Calvin Longest hadn’t seen each other for more than a year, depriving them of their weekly meetings, when they would go on “hot dog dates.” Despite family members being reassured Charles and Calvin were safe, they said the separation was bittersweet, as due to the brothers’ ages it felt like they were losing a year of their lives.

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Son Reunites With Blind Father After 3 Years Apart

A blind man was reduced to tears when he heard the voice of his son, who had traveled to surprise him, after more than three years apart. Danny Orias, 43, made a special visit to his father’s home, in San Jose, Costa Rica, on February 27, having previously seen his visitation plans put on hold because of the coronavirus.

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Teen In Wheelchair Assists On Play He Designed

A wheelchair-bound teen raised the roof at his senior night basketball game after coming onto the court for the first time to assist a basket in a play he drew up earlier in the season. In the uplifting moment, Victor Kelbaugh, 18, from Reeds Spring, Missouri, received the ball from a teammate before heading down the court with the ball in his control.

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