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Pursuing Doctorate degree in Human Sexuality. BA in Psychology and Master of Arts degree in Marital and Family Therapy. New to blogging.

6 Tips for Living a Life of Abundance

Living a life of abundance might seem like an unattainable dream to many people. However, the truth is that most people already possess what’s needed to live an abundant life. It’s just a matter of developing the right attitude and mindset to make you realize and appreciate everything that you have.

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How to Make Time for Yourself

Obligations, work, plans, unforeseen complications- all of these eat into the little precious time that you have for yourself. It can be hard to plan and honor a time slot for “me-time” with all of the things you have to do, but it’s possible with a bit of determination and willpower.

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30 Day Happiness Challenge

It’s been rough for everyone. It’s been challenging, maddening, and exhausting. Each day that goes by brings its own set of challenges and questions, but each day is also a new opportunity to experience joy and to slow down and realize what’s important in life.

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Gratitude: How to Pass It On

Showing your gratitude to others is one of the most desirable attributes that you can have. Furthermore, it offers benefits to your own life by teaching you to be more grateful for what you have, as well as making you a happier person.

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Authentic Self: How to Live Your Life for You

On the surface, you might tell yourself that you’re happy, but there might always be an inkling of tension hidden that surfaces every once in a while. It might be when you’re at your desk at work, completing the same task over and over, when you’re at a party with people who you don’t want to talk to, or just when you’re finally alone with your thoughts.

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Positive Affirmations Versus Neutral Affirmations

Self-help often encourages people to improve their lives by making statements like, “I have all the money I need,” or, “I have unlimited energy to take on all challenges.” But despite endless internet lists of positive affirmations, if you don’t already have a positive mindset, positive affirmations may actually hurt your self-esteem.

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7 Things Toxic People Have In Common

Relationships can be difficult. They’re even more difficult when one of the parties is a toxic, negative person. Toxic people show up in every type of relationship imaginable whether they’re personal, professional, or casual. Their behaviors and actions are emotionally and mentally draining, leaving everyone who they come in contact with feeling lousy about themselves.

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Low Self-Esteem & How To Regain Confidence

Do you feel you always get the short-end of the stick? Have you been passed-up for a promotion? It could simply be a coincidence that your shortcomings are all happening at once. However, if you’re repeatedly overlooked for opportunities, it’s time for you to get a reality check.

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