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Kathryn Kuhlman Quotes

Kathryn Kuhlman was an American evangelist known for hosting healing services.

Extraordinary requirements were set forth by Miss Kuhlman during her ministry as detailed in the biography Daughter of Destiny by Jamie Buckingham, wherein he reports that the standards of medical and scientific physical proof were absolute before officially recognized by her ministry. Full examinations and records of before and after as well as treating doctors' written agreement that the medical condition(s) in fact did exist and without medical explanation no longer is present.

Yet in spite of these unparalleled standards there are those before and after her death who persist with unfounded claims regarding the authenticity of Kuhlman's ministry. Millions believe that she was a modern-day prophet exercising the power of God. The debate continues today with many believers upholding Kuhlman as an important forerunner to the present-day charismatic movement.
Birth: May 09, 1907 - Death: February 20, 1976