Lailah Gifty Akita

Breath of life is common to all living beings.

Do not allow hate to take root in your heart.

To become, you must first believe.

What you wish to be, be.

Do not doubt your dreams.

Every man is capable of fulfilling his mission.

There is no freedom like forgiveness.

Do not be harden by hardships.

To be happy, pursue love as your highest goal.

Well-being is enough wealth.

The newness of this day is divine.

The past prepares us for the present.

Wrong leads to wrath.

I sought for freedom. And found the truth.

Repentance leads to forgiveness of sins.

Whoever seeks to be refreshed, must repent.

Love is a holy affection.

To define your life is to delight In your dreams.

If you wish to prosper, seek peace.

Is there any positive energy like enthusiasm?

If know what you are seeking for, you shall find.

If you know what you are seeking for, you shall find.

The only fight worthwhile is the fight of faith.

The quality of life depends on ones’ thought.

Every new day is the dawn of a new grace.

Where there is compassion, there exist good cheer.

Without confidence, there is no courage.

True humility is fearless honesty.

A man needs his experience in order to be educated.

The knowledge of salvation alone can save your soul.

Faith is sure hope.

The best knowledge is to be kind.

If you pray, your path shall be clear.

Thy faith shall be thy solid foundation.

Every wicked act makes a man weak.

With faith in God, we shall overcome any situation.

Whoever desire to learn, shall delight to listen .

It is better to hope than be un-happy.

Without his Maker, a man is lost in wander.

Confidence is courage.

To succeed, you must never give on yourself.

God is our hope on the day of doom.

Whatever you believe, you become.

Wherever there is love, there is life.

Ponder, ponder.

Good knowledge is the grace of kindness.

Faith fuels the strength within.

Experience is the teacher of true education.

The duty of pursuit is the grace of prayer.

Faith is the force of being.

The fear of God is safe haven.

A man can be rich as long as he reads.

Whoever count his blessings, shall be content.

To live with hope is to seek heavenly help.

The Truth of God is taught by the Holy Spirit.

Be true to your sacred self.

One mind, One master.

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