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Leonardo Faierman was born in Buenos Aires, raised in Queens, on the playground was where he planned most of his schemes. Since then he's plowed a jagged path as a writer, editor, podcaster, comic creator, and mostly benevolent malcontent in New York City. His favorite comic book is Love & Rockets, favorite film is Mad Max: Fury Road, favorite video game is Guardian Heroes, favorite book is The Thief's Journal by Jean Genet.

Therapy Dog Max is the First Recipient of the PDSA Order of Merit

The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals is a UK veterinary charity that has been around for over a century, but this type of award is a recent special distinction. The PDSA Order of Merit, “…recognizes animals that display outstanding devotion to their owner or wider society, above and beyond normal companionship.” It’s considered comparable to the OBE, but for animals, and has only been granted to those in military and police service…until now, with springer spaniel therapy dog Max its newest proud recipient.

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Rosy’s Cooking Fed the Local Queer Community for 15 Years, Now They’re Giving Back

Roselia “Rosy” Milagro Rosales Gil’s cooking kept LA’s buzzing queer nightlife going but, like many others, the pandemic hit her business hard. Her menu featured the requisite tacos and bacon-wrapped hot dogs that are endemic to LA late-night street cuisine in addition to Central American / Mexican food, but all of that has been put on hold as the coronavirus pandemic continues onward.

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More Than 2,500 Sea Turtles Saved by Sea Turtle, Inc. and Their Texan Community

Off the southern coast of Texas lies South Padre Island, a resort town of less than 3,000 people and about as many sea turtles. The record low temperatures during a history-making winter storm in Texas led some of those sea turtles into peril, but local volunteers worked hard to ensure that they were taken somewhere safe: Sea Turtle, Inc., a rehab center for turtles located on the island. 

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A Lost $22,000 Flute Is Triumphantly Returned

When Donald Rabin’s grandmother passed in 2018, he spent his inheritance on a valuable instrument. Then, years later, he almost lost it. A flautist and student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Rabin made a grievous error when rushing off of a train to catch a flight back home on January 29, accidentally leaving his precious $22,000 flute behind in the train car.

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Oldest Person to Row Across Atlantic Ocean Solo Did It for Alzheimer’s Research

Frank Rothwell might be 70 years old, but this energetic septuagenarian spent 8 entire weeks rowing across the Atlantic in an incredible unassisted voyage. The spritely senior from Oldham in Greater Manchester was raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK, a near-30-year-old research charity dedicated to scientific studies to treat, cure, or prevent all forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s. 

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Nonprofit ‘Perfectly Imperfect Pups’ Matches Families with Special-Needs Dogs

Just like people, some dogs need more attention and care than others, and non-profit organization Perfectly Imperfect Pups (PIPs) keeps the spotlight on these special-needs pups. The North Carolina-based dog rescue was recently given some extra attention thanks to ABC’s Live with Kelly and Ryan, where PIPs founder Nicole Kincaid described their mission to find homes for frequently overlooked animals looking for loving homes to thrive in.

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