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Leonardo Faierman was born in Buenos Aires, raised in Queens, on the playground was where he planned most of his schemes. Since then he's plowed a jagged path as a writer, editor, podcaster, comic creator, and mostly benevolent malcontent in New York City. His favorite comic book is Love & Rockets, favorite film is Mad Max: Fury Road, favorite video game is Guardian Heroes, favorite book is The Thief's Journal by Jean Genet.

Floating Giraffes? Mom and Baby Giraffe Rescued from Sinking Island

A meticulous months-long giraffe rescue mission in Kenya has proven successful, with nine Rothschild’s giraffes carefully carried across the waters of Lake Baringo in Kenya. The project began in December of 2020 when the rate of rising for the lake’s water levels increased significantly, leading to flooding of homes along the coast and threatening the safety of giraffes on Longicharo Island.

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House Bill 1258 in Colorado Would Provide Therapy Services to All Children in Need

A unique idea that would directly serve young people in need is coming out of the Colorado Capitol, in the form of bipartisan House Bill 1258. For 18-and-under, the remarkable behavioral health initiative would allocate $9 million to establish an online portal where they could access a free mental health screening and up to three free visits with a mental health professional.

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This Girl Scout Cancer Survivor Sets New US Cookie Sales Record During Pandemic

Lilly Bumpus is a Girl Scout cookie-selling marvel, setting an impressive new record for boxes sold in a season. The young activist and social media darling set the new record this year, at a time when Girl Scout cookie sales were certainly compromised due to social distancing and pandemic restrictions, but Bumpus’ developing presence online and budding legacy of charity seems to have given her the leg up, and her box sales record is the new one to beat: 32,484.

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Court Puts a Stop to Senseless Killing of Mountain Lions and Black Bears in Colorado

Great news from Colorado this week, for both the state of parks and the people who love to enjoy the environment responsibly. The US District Court of Colorado ruled that the US Fish and Wildlife Service violated the law when it illegally helped pay for a program to kill mountain lions and black bears “without properly analyzing the risks to their populations and their habitats.” It all started with concerns raised about declining populations of mule deer, whose populations are mostly found in western regions of the United States.

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Family Builds Mobile Bed So Their 16-Year-Old Dog Can Enjoy The Beach

This senior Chesapeake Bay retriever’s loving family went the extra mile to help make the best out of her golden years. When Cocoa turned 16, they found that she had trouble making it out to some of her favorite haunts, so owner Tom Antonino and his wife devised an ingenious method to ensure that this Chessie could still enjoy the smell of the beach or a beautiful day in the park, even when mobility became an issue.

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Restaurant in San Antonio Supports Animal Rescue with Made-to-Order ‘Puppyritas’

Chef Johnny Hernandez’ Mexican Restaurant La Gloria in San Antonio has a new special treat for dog owners: a pet-friendly “puppyrita,” with all proceeds going to charity. The doggo drink is, of course, non-alcoholic, and actually a serving of chicken broth over ice with a cute paper lime slice, the perfect thing to cool them down on a hot day and help a local animal rescue at the same time.

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A Legacy of Generosity by Beloved Host Alex Trebek Lives On at The Trebek Center

Alex Trebek may have passed last year, but his legacy lives on in multiple forms through a life of devoted philanthropy. Many may have heard of his posthumous contribution to The Doe Fund, where a sizable portion of his complete wardrobe (unique for a game show host, Trebek personally owned his wardrobe) was donated for those in career training programs needing professional attire for job interviews.

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