Ogwo David Emenike

To be happy, you have to risk being unhappy.

Like love, like talent, like any other virtue, like anything else in this life, happiness needs to be nurtured – this is the truth of the whole matter.

If your failure is not a lesson, it’s indeed a failure.

Always be happy, you never know how happy you can make another by just being happy.

The greatest reward for a man’s failure is not necessarily the consequent success, but what he becomes by it.

There is a thin line between the impossible and the possible – that is determination.

Holding on, holding out and holding fast when the going is tough constitutes a winning mindset.

Failure does not connote that you achieved nothing. It denotes that you are on an adventure towards finding what will eventually advance you to the realization of your goals.

That failure serves a purpose!

I acquired courage from the masterpieces of sages. I came of age by their instructions to keep going, even in hard times. Then I learnt not to despair, even when it seemed that my world is falling apart. I learnt to possess fortitude.

A man who has come to the full realization of his responsibility to men won’t stick to one man. It will be foolhardy if he does that.

Perform your task and I shall know you. Perform your task and your genius shall befriend the more.

When a man begins to do that which is assigned to him, it becomes as if he is more endowed and favoured than his fellows.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that determination makes one to punch above one’s weight.

The slogans hang on and press on have solved and will continue to solve the problems of humanity.

Things are happening out there. Don’t waste your life in wishful thinking. Get out of your cocoon and go make a name for yourself. Life is too short to be wasted in oblivion.

Love springs from the inside. It is the immortal surge of passion, excitement, energy, power, strength, prosperity, recognition, respect, desire, determination, enthusiasm, confidence, courage, and vitality, that nourishes, extends and protects. It possesses an external objective – life.

- Ogwo David Emenike

To be happy, you have to risk being unhappy.