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I am a multi-dimensional woman; loving, disciplined, determined, resilient, happy, free-spirited, and strong. I love inspiring, and being inspired. Empowerment is being in complete alignment to the energy that is you. The only place where freedom exists...

How To Succeed

We often wonder what it takes to succeed.  Simply put, it starts with a thought. Watching the Olympics, one can’t help but to admire the world class skills, dedication, and focus of the athletes who made it to the end game.  

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Path Of Least Resistance

Some people have different interpretations of what the path of least resistance means.  A quote by H.G. Wells says “The path of least resistance is the path of the loser.” By this statement, I believe he is referring to taking the lazy river, or easy road, rather than taking on a challenge, pushing limits, i.e.

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Create Your Own Reality

How do you see the world?  How do you fit into the scene?  We should choose carefully on what we observe and allow ourselves to feel.   There are superficial relationships, intentions, and interactions abound.  How you create your own reality and experience is dependent upon your personal thoughts and values.

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Love Yourself

Out of all the lessons learned in life, the most valuable one is learning to love and accept who you are. Too many times we humans get in a funk because weakness takes us over and begins to feed our enemy within.

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How To Improve Focus: 10 Tips

Why do some people have laser focus and others don’t? Some just have a better ability at turning off the noise by blocking out their environment and the internal chitter chatter, while others have to work really hard at focusing.

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