Sunshine Rodgers

Queen + Paul Rodgers (sometimes referred to as Q+PR or QPR) were a collaboration between Queen (Brian May and Roger Taylor) and Paul Rodgers formerly of Bad Company, Free, The Firm and The Law. Guitarist May had previously performed with Rodgers on several occasions, including a performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

This is an assignment I’m always happy to be on, helping a hurting world through the power of prayer.

Jesus Christ. I give you my fear that nothing will will work out. I give you my anxieties that I won’t find a man and I will let You bring him to me when You feel I am ready.

If God wants to move me, then I go! Yes, I am scared. Yes, I doubt. Yes, I am afraid things will crumble around me. Yes, I know this will be tough and this stress will sometimes seem unbearable. Yes, I know life will never be the same. But God wants to use ME! I am not saying no. I have my call. I must go!

A sunset is God’s way of saying He loves you. A good grade on a test is God’s way of saying He loves you. Throughout any given day, God makes it so that you are comforted, secure and loved.