Vineet Raj Kapoor

Crediting someone for your unhappiness is about not taking responsibility yourself.

My opinion of me is what sets the tone of my personality

Show how you can get me back my childhood Do not keep reminding me of my past otherwise

Changing a Habit is Never Difficult. Difficult is to Address Your Unwillingness to do it

If people leave you, they may be right or wrong If you quit happiness, you’re definitely wrong

Living happily with parents requires adjustments. That takes care of most demons of our minds.

No hole is deep enough to be unclimbable. Not even the one you dug yourself into. Never give up. On yourself.

If I am gonna do all the talking, likely I am amongst dead people.

If you want to see the world don’t be the fulcrum pin of the ferris wheel. Rather be a nail on one of the benches in one of the cars.

I draw from the well what I like. The well has both mud and water.