Auto Mechanic Begins New Dream Job after Becoming Doctor at 51

For a former full-time auto mechanic in Cleveland, a life filled with hard work and compromise has come around full circle, right back to achieving childhood dreams. Back in the ‘70s as a young man, Carl Allamby wanted to become a doctor, but the struggles of an impoverished upbringing prompted him in other directions. Allamby opened his first auto shop at 19, but that was seemingly only Act 1 of his story.

FOX News spoke with Allamby – now Dr. Allamby – about his graduation from medical school and recent first job as an attending physician at 51 years old. He spent three years in residency for emergency medicine and now works in the emergency room at Cleveland Clinic’s Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, about eight miles west of where he grew up.

Dr. Allamby has plenty to say about his own life path, though he also observes numerous comparisons between medicine and working on cars; he remarks that “…providing empathy, compassion, and reassurance is often as important as providing appropriate medical care.” Additionally, he shared some insights about taking classes while he was in his forties and the sense of dedication he brought to this late-stage education: “I would argue that, in many ways, I had it easier than some of my much younger colleagues… When I got to medical school, I was laser focused.”

Beyond everything, Dr. Allamby’s story emphasizes the pursuit of dreams, regardless of where a person may be at in their life. The qualities that we perceive as holding us back – be they a totally different career, increasing age, or a slew of means and life responsibilities – could function as the fuel that pushes us forward. Check your gas.

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