Welsh broadcaster Owain Wyn Evans is taking a much-needed break. The weatherman, journalist, and broadcast personality is well known on the BBC, where he features on various different programs. Oh, and also, he’s a drummer, a talent which has developed into something of his trademark, with those skills now put to very good use.

As per BBC News, Wyn Evans has just completed a marathon drum session, playing a full 24 hours straight, all for charity. They state that he has raised more than £2.5 million (approximately $3.4 million American) for BBC Children in Need, a corporate charity and telethon which supports disadvantaged children and youths in the UK.

Starting on the show BBC Breakfast on Friday morning, Wyn Evans’ fundraiser featured a rotation of appearances by other drummers and percussionist celebrities, many of whom joined him on Friday to recreate the hit that previously went viral last year: a rendition of the BBC News theme. With the performance, featured in a video on BBC News, a massive assortment of drummers, marching band members, and other percussionists join him in a 2021 cover.

The broadcaster was a good sport all through the fundraiser, reporting that, “Surprisingly my hands have held up OK, but we’ve had some problems with my arms because they’ve been moving for 24 hours.”

Interestingly, the longest marathon drum session by a single individual as recorded by Guinness is 134 hours and 5 minutes, by Canadian Steve Gaul, who also conducted the marathon for the purposes of raising funds for children’s charity.

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