Beloved Lost Dog Reunited with Owner Five Years Later

“To get her back, I think it’s an understatement to say it was a miracle… It’s surreal.” That’s Renee Perry, Framingham, Massachusetts resident and owner of sweet little foster dog Bay. Back in June of 2016, Bay went missing while at a dog sitter’s house when she was just a year and a half old. Now, just last week, Bay is back on Perry’s lap, looking calm and satisfied after an incredible five years on the streets.

Perry enacted search efforts to find Bay, but turned up nothing…that is, until a call last Tuesday. She was told that Bay had been found in Needham, a suburb of Boston in Norfolk County, a full ten miles away. Speaking with CBSN Boston, Perry recalls the incredible discovery: “I didn’t believe it at first. I saw the pictures, and it did look like her, but her nose was darker. She just looked heavier. She just looked different.”

It was the result of a couple who found Bay outside their home and contacted nonprofit Missing Dogs Massachusetts, which works to create reunions like Perry and Bay’s. They set up a kennel cage-like trap in the yard of the couple who reported seeing the dog, successfully retaining her and checking her microchip. Volunteer Danielle Matthew stated, “I’m amazed she survived five New England winters, you know? But, yeah, [she’s] a resilient little dog.”

Perry quickly got Bay up to date on vaccines with a vet check-up, and the dog is doing just fine. For now, the two of them have some happy catching up to do.

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