As with many long-running, trend-defining internet destinations, Reddit can be intimidating to newcomers. Motivating other people towards specific Reddit trends or memes can be a lost cause, but many would be surprised to learn how easily they can “lurk” on the site’s most uplifting and delightful content with minimal investment. That’s the magic of Reddit, how careful individual curation can effectively shield lurkers from questionable, disturbing, or NSFW content, zoning in on the healthiest content salves for stress.

Veteran Redditors will probably know a few of these subreddits – a term that defines a hyper-specific sub-community of content within the whole of Reddit itself – but anyone uninterested in making a proper account can still freely bookmark these links for a daily jolt of joy. Try these subs on for size:


The name may seem counterintuitive, but give it a moment and it’ll make sense. r/Eyebleach seeks to rinse any horribleness out of sight and mind with a collection of adorable pets and cute outdoor critters. It’s definitely a sub with a high cat concentration, and often functions as a hasty depot of random pet pics, but high-rated conspicuously adorable candid shots of domesticated animals living their best lives make it a reliably wholesome corner on the internet. 


One of Reddit’s more popular subs (with a whopping 16.8 million subscribers at time of this writing), r/GetMotivated presents a constant drip-feed of inspiring stories, memes, motivational quotes, and silly yet poignant inspirational jokes and comics. It’s an especially great subreddit for the roughest days, the days when it feels like no matter how much you sprint, the needle stays unmoved and the carrot doesn’t look any closer. Self-care can be as simple as learning to understand that accomplishments take time and personal growth has no speed restrictions.

[Image] Always remember this from r/GetMotivated


Guide dogs, service dogs, sled dogs, and all manner of professional and semi-professional puppers populate the pages of r/dogswithjobs. The weekend allows for “silly/fake jobs” – essentially meme-ready joke posts – but white collar workdays provide a smattering of good doggos happily earning their keep. Reddit is awash in cute animals, but the mix of dignity and “dawww” on r/dogswithjobs makes it a very special sub.

I was laughing and my dog thought I was hyperventilating and got me my emergency inhaler. Thanks pal? LOL. from r/dogswithjobs


Okay, these last two subs have been pretty self-explanatory and this one is no different. R/happycryingdads is filled with, yep, joyful tears shed by all manners of that species known as pater familias. This is not a good sub to pull up in public, not because of any racy material, but because a number of posts may possibly cause you to cry in public. It’s also just wonderful to see men being emotional and open about it, in spite of the nonsensical emphasis on males remaining stoic in all circumstances. This is definitely a sub for those days when you need to get past the numbness and remember what it’s like to feel.


Some of the finest subreddits emphasize the ineffable, allowing a vague description to be fleshed out and materialized by submitting Redditors. Such is the case with r/oddlysatisfying, which features everything from GIFs of unusually dazzling factory-made objects to natural wonders on a micro and macro scale, most of which provide a strangely satisfying feeling. The moment when a reptile finishes shedding its skin, a stop motion animation documenting a complicated piece of art, or microscopes zoning into the fractals, r/oddlysatisfying can be a meditative sojourn.

We’ll highlight a few more subs in the future, but take a break in these calming internet spaces when needed.

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