Brilliant 18-Year-Old Awarded $10,000 For Alternative Cancer Treatment

A New Jersey teenager was recognized for his brilliant approach to cancer treatment, receiving a generous monetary award by the Davidson Fellows Scholarship Program. Patryk Dabek is 18 years old and is working on an ambitious idea: a method of treating cancer that eschews traditional chemotherapy approaches.

As per a report by, the Davidson Fellows Scholarship which Dabek received, “…offers college scholarships to students 18 or younger whose projects have the potential to benefit society in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, literature, and music.” Dabek tirelessly worked on his scientific research during all available hours, with his teachers commenting on his tireless resolve and passion.

While details of his particular research are minimal, he explains it thusly: “By selectively halting a key component of cancer metabolism, my project has shown that cancer cells can be selectively targeted without harming normal cells, thus holding the promise of an effective therapy for cancer patients.” En route to these conclusions, Dabek volunteered with emergency ambulance services in his town of East Rutherford, New Jersey, further inspired via the opportunity to work up close with cancer patients.

His passion for the cancer cure also gained the attention of the Regeneron Science Talent Search, a prestigious science competition for high school seniors, for which Dabek made the top-100 shortlist.

Regardless of the scholarship, Patryk Dabek’s educational journey has only just begun, and he is presently enrolled at Yale University.

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