In an incredible display of resourceful cleverness and quick thinking, a Pennsylvanian 17-year-old rescued their neighbors this week with little more than a trampoline. It was the wee hours of the morning, and Falon O’Regan of Bentleyville was preparing for sleep when they noticed the tell-tale signs of danger.

Speaking to FOX News, O’Regan recalled the scene: “I had just laid down, and I saw orange in my door… So I walked over to the door…as soon as I opened it, I was just engulfed in flames that were on my porch.” O’Regan made his escape after kicking out a window and leaping to the ground, then assisted other families as well.

Some of those individuals had a considerable jump if they were to get to safety. That’s when O’Regan thought of using his neighbor’s trampoline to help them get to safety. The two dragged it over and were able to secure two dogs, two children, and two adults. In total, 12 adults and six young people have been displaced due to the fire, but it seems that there were no losses of life or serious injuries.

O’Regan is proud of the help he was able to provide and urges others to react likewise: “Do the same thing… Help out anybody that can help you, that’s all.”

There is now an active GoFundMe campaign for O’Regan’s family which has thus far raised $5,258.

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