It’s a cat-parent’s worst nightmare! A family in Denver, Colorado, went ahead and donated a chair to a local thrift store on New Year’s Eve – so far, so good. However, after the family left the premises, employees at the store checked the donated item to discover that there was a cat stuck inside the chair, though uninjured and seemingly no worse for wear.

The Arc Thrift Store did the responsible thing and immediately contacted Denver Animal Protection to retrieve the cat. According to FOX31 News, the animal was then scanned for a microchip – which they found – and the owners were directly contacted, but no one could reach them on the phone. At that point, it seems that Denver Animal Protection went ahead and took possession of the cat.

Soon enough, the cat’s owners were tracing their steps back to the Arc Thrift Store, hoping the cat was still there, and were instead given the attending officer’s info. A quick bit of outreach to Denver Animal Protection and the owners and cat were happily reunited once again.

It turns out that the cat’s name was Montequlla, and that the family had been in the middle of moving their house. In the course of that confusion, the chair was donated while Montequlla had hidden themselves in the chair, presumably to avoid the commotion of a family moving house.

It’s a strange lesson to learn, but please remember to thoroughly check your furniture before donating it!

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