Cat Missing for A Week Announces Her Return Home by Activating Family’s Security Camera

A cat who had been missing for one week in Long Island, New York, decided to go ahead and properly announce her return. 8-year-old Lilly activated her family’s Ring Doorbell to properly announce her return, sending the Whitleys into an uproar as their beloved pet was returned.

FOX News spoke to Stefanie Whitley about what happened when the cat came back the very next week. The Whitleys were very stressed about the missing pet, as they had recently moved, and were worried when she accidentally left the house and did not immediately return. It was very scary having her missing for days, especially knowing that she always responds… You can call her name, and she comes out of nowhere. But this time it was different.”

Whitley is not always restricted to the house itself, as she is a collared inside-and-outside feline, but the new surroundings may have confused her. The Whitleys went out searching and calling for her in the neighborhood but had lost faith that the cat would successfully return.

On Sunday, Lilly politely appeared before the Ring Doorbell camera and began to meow loudly. The activity triggered the Ring in different parts of the house, including a television some of the family had been watching at the time. They all screamed when they saw her.

Stefanie believes that activating the Ring was no accident, as she has gotten used to the fact that when the Ring goes off, it’s time to head to the door or window to see who’s arrived.

Lilly was originally a tiny kitten rescued by local firefighters eight years ago and has been a member of the Whitley family ever since.

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