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Below is a curated collection of relationship advice and articles for women and men to more effectively manage personal, professional and romantic relationships. 

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Are You Choosing Politics Over People?

In this politically polarized era, we’d do well to remember that what kind of people our fellow citizens and neighbors are is far more important than their politics. Even Friends Don’t Always Agree So, I have this group of friends—folks who have organically collected over time as part of a weekly dinner/discussion group.

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Dating 101

In the beginning…there was Adam and Eve? Okay. Maybe, but seriously…my guess is that in the beginning ‘dating 101’ was probably a whole lot simpler than they are now. It’s likely that dating is tougher now than it used to be for a number of reasons.

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The Mystery Shopper

Hello Dr. G, I work at a grocery store as a cashier there is this guy who comes shopping every month. I’ve been seeing this guy for a year. I just started liking him when I first met him like in romantic movies as if there was a love surging in me.

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Is It Too Late For Love?

Dear Dr. G, Is it too late for love? I’m now 23 and have never been in a relationship (never had a boyfriend). I’ve just tried to focus on school and my studies and to be honest I’ve never met someone that I can connect with.

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Older Woman And Her Casanova

Greetings Dr. G, I have to say I love reading your letters. You manage to combine compassion and good sense – a delight, and instructive! I am suffering because I’m in love with a man a great deal younger than me –

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Know Thyself

Growing up my own mother used to repeat the simple words, “Know thyself, sweetheart, know thyself.” At the time I took these words for granted, and due to a complete lack of life experience, maturity, and wisdom, I brushed them off thinking to myself, “Well, of course I know myself, Mom!

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