How do you see the world?  How do you fit into the scene?  We should choose carefully on what we observe and allow ourselves to feel.   There are superficial relationships, intentions, and interactions abound.  How you create your own reality and experience is dependent upon your personal thoughts and values.

When it comes to observing reality, it is easy to get side-tracked by the noise and nonsense of sideshow distractions.  We humans have a tendency to make ourselves a vibrational match to what we are observing, sorting, and receiving.  So if you are in an experience that is less than what you would prefer to internalize, you must learn to see it from outside of yourself, rather than allowing yourself to get involved.  We all know what it feels like to be around negative, bitchy people or “Debbie-Downers.”  Sometimes we allow ourselves to slip into that mode or vibration just to make the situation easier to deal with, or just plain fall into the trap of adding our own baggage to the convo.  We don’t have to let this happen.  That situation is worth walking away from or tuning out.

Another way we observe is seeing something we want like a nice car, house, or a picture of a beautiful country we have never been to.  If you have thoughts immediately that you can’t have it because of whatever reason you come up with, then you will match the vibration of lack, not having, or of it being unattainable.  If it is a love interest you seek, but feel you do not deserve someone good, or that it is impossible to find what you want….guess what?  That is what you will receive.

How do we create our reality then?  The universe listens to our thoughts and words.  It sounds crazy but it is absolutely true.  When we turn our experiences into a positive outcome, or in the direction of where we feel most productive, only good things can happen.  Focus on your desire, turn in the direction of what makes you feel good, and stop pointing out what is missing.  You don’t have to live less than what you ware wanting.  You have to change the way you have been thinking and feeling about yourself and your situation if you want to see any sort of change.

The take home message here is that our thoughts create our reality.  Being present and mindful helps us to create our reality in the moment, rather than falling into an experience, make your own…even if it feels like a dream.

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