A father whose health his failing brought his daughter to tears when he surprised her at her dream home. Harry Bussey, 89, from Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, is currently in heart failure, and so his daughter, Danette, 59, never thought he would see her dream waterside house in Brick, New Jersey. She had worked hard to buy the property while caring for her daughter but then came to believe he would never get to see after his health started to fail.

If Harry passed before being able to witness his daughter’s accomplishments, it would have broken Danette, her son, Davey, 26, said. And so, on August 21, Davey and his boyfriend, Adam, arranged for a small, COVID-safe party at his mother’s new home. During the festivities, Davey told his mom there was one more surprise waiting, and she was blindfolded in the doorway of her new home before being walked outside.

There, she removed her mask to witness her father getting out of a car, having made the roughly 45-minute journey thanks to safe arrangements that had been made. Harry, wearing a nasal cannulas because of his condition, then headed towards his daughter, who cried happy tears as her father was able to witness her achievements.

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