A musical dad has come up with an ingenious way of stopping his baby from crying – by beatboxing his way to grabbing the youngster’s attention. To prove how effective his technique is, David DeVaul, 33, shot numerous videos where, right on cue, his baby Waylon stopped crying as soon as his dad starts to make a beat.

David, who has been pursuing music in Nashville, Tennessee, for 11 years, said he came up with the idea when he was trying to find a way to connect with eight-month-old Waylon, particularly when he was pining for his mom. Waylon would often cause a fuss when he wanted his mother, David said, and he noticed that when his son was looking for her attention he would roll his lips. So one day David decided to show Waylon his lip-rolling technique, too – a move that then developed into a full-blow b

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