When a guy’s nice to you, you might think “does he like me?” This question is a secret wrapped in a bit of obscurity since not everyone can read someone else’s thoughts, even if you want it badly. Plus, there’s always a chance he’s just good-natured and platonic in his friendliness. Although you get on well because you’ve got interests in common, and may share a sense of humor, you’re not sure if he likes you. Not in ‘that way‘, at least.

Does He Like Me More Than a Friend?

If only you could know for certain if he sees you as a love interest rather than a buddy. You risk rejection and humiliation if you misinterpret his friendliness, so you don’t want to make a mistake about his feelings for you. These signs show you’re on the right track that he likes you as much as you like him, and perhaps even more.

1. He sustains eye contact

Does he stare into your eyes and watch you often? People look at people and things they like for a long time, and avoid gazing at what they dislike. If he only gives you cursory glances and plays with his smartphone, unless he’s doing something important it’s possible he just considers you as a friend. You’re in luck if his pupils dilate when he looks you in the eye, though. He’s drinking in a bigger picture of you because he likes what he sees.

2. You laugh together (a lot)

He will laugh often when he is with you if he likes you. People who dislike each other don’t share jokes. He’s into you if he laughs oodles when you’re together. A guy who likes you is apt to make you feel like everything you say is scintillating and you have a terrific sense of humor. It’s one way that nature boosts morale and helps people feel attractive during the initial stages of romance.

3. He’s interested in what you do

He’s bound to be curious about you if he likes you. He’ll want to know what you like to do and where you like to go. Doubtless, he’ll also pay attention to who you see when you aren’t together in case it’s a partner; he wants to know your relationship status and will somehow work it into the conversation.

4. He seeks you

Do you often bump into him these days? You didn’t see him much before, even though you live around the corner from him or have mutual friends, and he pops up everywhere now. It’s not by chance you meet so often. He’ll seek you out at every social gathering if he likes you. In contrast, if you’re at the same party but he doesn’t spend much time with you, he might not be interested.

5. He has time for you

When a man likes you, you know he wants to be in your company because he keeps in touch with you. He reschedules events just to hang out by your side. He might also see his friends less often than usual. When you’re together, he suggests you visit places and engage in activities with him another time too so he can be with you again.

6. He touches you (by accident)

Just as he enjoys studying you, if he likes you he will relish physical contact with you. He might brush your arm as he passes you without thinking about it, or he may touch your hand with his as he reaches for his drink. These intimate moments look accidental, and it’s unlikely he recognizes that he touches you so often. His attraction to you seeps into his subconscious actions, though.

7. He compliments you

Odds-on, he’ll compliment you if he likes you. He’s paying you attention, so can’t help but note the little things you do of merit, and your attractiveness. He also wants you to like him and knows genuine praise and flattery may inspire you to grow fond of him.

8. He teases you

playful banter from a guy who likes her
Playful banter, even if at time cheesy, is a sign that he like you more than a friend

It’s traditional to partake in mischievous taunting if you like someone, and a guy who likes you may engage in playful banter to get your attention and make you giggle. He won’t be unkind or cause offense, but he might tease you. By teasing you, he’s exploring whether you find him interesting. There’s an excellent chance you like him too if you reciprocate with a witty retort.

9. He can’t help smiling

A guy who likes you will beam when you’re present. He will light up when he sees you because he’s happy and wants to be with you. You can expect him to smile often when you talk or spot each other in a crowd if he has feelings for you. One study found that attractiveness is heavily influenced by smiling and that a happy, intense smile can “compensate for relative unattractiveness.”

10. His body tells you he likes you

His body language will give away his fondness for you. You already know that a guy who likes you will smile and gaze into your eyes; these are major non-verbal signals. Other lesser but still noteworthy signs he likes you include eyebrow flashes, which is where he raises his brows the moment he sets eyes on you, blushing, and standing close by. He’s likely to lean toward you when you converse and mirror your actions too. He might pick up his glass or laugh at the same time as you, for example.

The primary way you can tell a guy cares for you is by how much attention he gives you. Someone who is fond of you will note your interests, want to spend time with you, and make you feel special. If he compliments you, focuses on what you say, and prioritizes you, without doubt, he likes you.

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