Elderly Dog Rescued from Well Filled with Oil in California

This lucky Siberian Husky mix had a recent close call, but she was safely rescued from a dire situation by officers with San Diego County Animal Services. An 11-year-old doggy in distress named Mia was discovered after having been trapped approximately ten feet underground in a kind of well, fighting to get out.

Officers were able to safely rescue the elderly pup, but it took some work; the hole that Mia was trapped in was located at a private garage in the Ramona area of central San Diego, and was filled with what seemed to be motor oil. This prevented Mia from climbing to safety on her own, and she was found after having spent a full day fighting to get out, visibly exhausted and weighed down by the oil on her fur.

San Diego County Animal Services spokespeople explained how, “Lt. Talia Padilla and Officers Alyssa Moreno and Michael Moore safely lifted Mia out of the well using some tools and critical thinking skills.” Photos of the tired pup show her drenched and fatigued, and she was brought to a nearby animal shelter for treatment, observation, and a much-needed deep cleaning.

The best news? Mia had an up-to-date microchip, so officers were able to reach out to her family. The dog had apparently been missing since Saturday, and her grateful owners rushed over to pick her up from the shelter.

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