For Five Bucks A Pop, These Adorable Rescue Kitties Will Poop on Your Enemies

Animal shelters can certainly be inventive when it comes to rousing support, and Second Chance Animal Rescue has devised a low-cost, meme-ready option to help fund their good work and help supporters get some low-stakes revenge. For the mere cost of $5, the Victoria, Australia Rescue will write the name of a person you loathe on one of their kitty’s litterboxes, securing a secret victory with each donation.

In a Facebook post last week, Second Chance Animal Rescue rallies all-comers to their cause: “FEELING POOPY about someone? Is your boss making you work overtime? A neighbor playing music too loud? A colleague stealing your lunch from the office fridge? Let our shelter cats cheer you up!” They then provide a donation link and an email address (; simply send them a payment receipt proving the donation is complete, along with the name of your chosen enemy, who will be unknowingly slighted by an adoptable shelter cat.

For those with a long list, the rescue is also offering a $20 special, where up to 10 names can be added to a personalized tray. There’s no fear of getting weirdly specific, though, as they underline the fact that it’s first names only.

More information about Second Chance Animal Rescue can be found on their website as well, including a documentary series about the work that they do called The Pet Rescuers. The rescue has been active since 2008, and they’re ready with pen-in-hand to help you meet your avenging goals.

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