Four Puppies Rescued After Being Left for Dead in a Bag by A River

These four Lurcher puppies were left for dead, dumped next to the River Mole in Surrey, England. Thankfully, someone discovered them last Thursday and brought them over to a veterinarian in Leatherhead. They discovered four 12-week-old puppies in all, two girls and two boys, but they were in dire straits; all seemed to be suffering from sarcoptic mange and were experiencing heavy loss of fur due to scratching.

Images of the poor dogs were shared by The Mirror, and they seem to be bonded together and clinging to each other as they recover from their plight. The RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre is presently caring for them, where they will be giving love and care as they are all treated for sarcoptic mange, a disease that occurs from parasitic mites burrowing just beneath the surface of the skin.

Animal rescue officer Chloe Wilson told The Mirror, “We believe these poor pups were abandoned in a bag by the river… These dogs needed urgent veterinary attention, but it would appear as though they callously been abandoned instead.” The dogs have since been named Norma, Jean, Bradley, and Cooper.

Word has gone out for any information about how the dogs were abandoned or who their former owners are, but there are presently no updates on this front. Regardless, the prognosis is positive, and they plan to be ready for their forever families once they’ve healed and recovered.

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