Generous Pup Helps Provide Comfort to Fellow Rescues, Now in the Running for a Hero Dog Award

Bliss seems to have a special way with her fellow canines. The seven-year-old Labrado/Australian shepherd mix is under consideration for a national hero dog award, but her generous nature is one that extends to fellow rescues who are distressed, anxious, or otherwise experiencing behavioral issues.

Bliss’ owner Brett Currie noticed these special qualities in her dog through her experience fostering. Speaking with ABC9 News in Kansas City, she described the gentle approach Bliss applies with recent rescues: “She seems to understand when other dogs are feeling scared or overwhelmed… You know, she’ll curl up next to them when they’re scared. She’ll go upstairs to get a dog and bring them with her.” Currie claims that she never provided any particular training to this effect, it seems to be just part of Bliss’ inherent nature.

More than simply comforting these rescues in the moment, Bliss’ care for these dogs helps to calm them, which is ultimately what helps them get adopted. In one example, she described a rescue who was afraid to eat food by himself, so this little dog-helper went ahead and laid down next to him while he ate.

The American Human Hero Dog Awards are distributed annually to “America’s Hero Dogs – often ordinary dogs who do extraordinary things,” assessed among seven different categories. It’s a descriptor which certainly seems to fit Bliss to a tee.

You can find more information (and even vote for Bliss!) at the American Humane Hero Dog Awards website.

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