Soon after Naki’o and his littermates were born, the puppies were left in a foreclosed home during a Nebraska winter. Against all odds, Naki’o survived. He was the only pup found alive, but he was in bad shape. Suffering from severe frostbite, Naki’o ultimately lost his paws on all four legs… but don’t worry, this is just the beginning of an incredibly inspiring story!

Ready to adopt a dog and grow her family, Christie Pace discovered Naki’o’s page on PetFinder not long after his surgery. She instantly fell in love! Christie and her husband were committed to helping Naki’o live a full and active life, and started researching ways to help him—then, fate intervened.

“I was working at a vet clinic at the time, and we had a patient come in that had a knee brace from OrthoPets. It was life-changing when they told me about it,” Christie noted.

OrthoPets created new legs and a new life for Naki’o, with Christie at his side. He is the first dog in the world with 4 prosthetic legs, and has been dubbed the bionic dog! As you can imagine, with full mobility, Naki’o gained more confidence and happiness as he could run, jump, and chase like any other pup.

Her dog’s transformation also changed Christie’s life, inspiring her to pursue new passions: she and her husband started a dog rescue to help disabled animals like theirs, called Naki’o’s Underdog Rescue. Christie even wrote a children’s book inspired by Naki’o, called Stubby and His Magic Boots, which teaches readers compassion and care for animals.

The legacy of the little puppy from Nebraska who grew into the bionic dog will be one of hope and happiness!

This Only Good TV original video was produced by Lucia Nazzaro and shot/edited by Burton Bilharz.

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