“Zee is our beautiful and big baby girl. She is now two years old and a thousand pounds but will forever be our baby. Zee is Ellie Mae’s first and only calf. I met Ellie Mae when she was a calf and I trained her for a class in college. She was auctioned off at the end of the course and sold to a local farmer. I then visited Ellie Mae for the next three years.

Ellie was impregnated and baby Zee was born. She was born on September 16th of 2018.  Soon after Zee was born, we were able to finally convince the farmer to surrender them to us. It took many months and many tears to finally rescue the two of them. In May of 2019, we brought them home to the sanctuary and today, Zee is the most outgoing and curious girl. My friends during my internship gave me the nickname Zee. So it felt like a perfect name for Ellie Mae’s baby. She has the biggest heart and is extremely playful. She’s also a very picky eater and loves to cuddle.”

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