About 138,000 children under 18 in the US live with Tourette’s, and Shane Koch wants to help them, their parents, and even the whole world understand the condition and live happy lives, along with his trusty dog Callum. A TikTok page highlighting Shane’s Ridgy has amassed a stunning 1.4 million followers, showcasing the day-to-day life of a boy and his very helpful dog.

Shane lives in Delray Beach, Florida, and was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at eight years old. Currently 16, he’s had Callum for about a year, and the faithful companion has proven helpful to calm his ticks in cases where traditional treatments could not. The complexities of living with Tourette’s can create challenges in social and school environments, but Shane champions the benefits of having a dog like Callum who can nudge him during symptoms or provide an entertaining distraction throughout the day.

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Shane’s TikTok page allows him to share his pure love for his dog and also promote how caring for a dog can be greatly beneficial to other young people with Tourette’s. The videos also speak to his passionate support towards those who feel singled out for being different, something which Shane sees as a strength, not a weakness.

It also doesn’t hurt that Callum is just adorable, whether shaking his tail to Megan Thee Stallion or just playing with Shane around the neighborhood. The companionship of a pet provides that round-the-clock focus, attention, and care, and this pair just wants to spread the love.

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