Cat Trapped in Airport Ceiling Finally Rescued and Safe After 11 Days

It’s been a few hectic days for poor little Muji, a 6-year-old cat who found herself trapped at LaGuardia Airport as their owner prepped a move from New York City to Orange County, CA. Pastry chef Taylor Le ended up booking a Christmas Eve flight for Muji and herself, but ultimately ran into a problem when TSA agents requested that the cat be removed from her carrier.

Taylor protested the agents taking Muji out of the carrier, concerned that the kitty would panic and flee. When, of course, she did escape, her owner led a crowd of employees on a chase through the airport, but Muji eventually climbed up and into the LaGuardia Airport ceiling.

And that was that: a Christmas completely ruined. Taylor changed her flight to the following day expecting Muji to turn up, but there was no such luck. Eventually traveling westward anyway, she still tried everything she could to ascertain the safety and status of her cat. One thing was for sure: Muji definitely did not want to come out from the ceiling, and staff had not caught sight of the cat for a while.

People who don't like cats haven't been around them. There's the old joke: dogs have masters, cats have staff. - Betty White

Eventually, a few kind souls, including those on the Queens Lost & Found Pets Facebook group, decided to see what they could do to help Muji. Non-profit org Where Is Jack? Inc. – which helps protect animals during air travel – also pitched in, reaching out to Taylor and arranging for a tracking dog to visit the airport and assist in the ongoing search. When the tracking dog finally confirmed that Muji was still in the ceiling, Taylor traveled back to NYC.

Eventually, a full 11 days after the massive TSA snafu, Muji was finally found and caught safely in a trap. A tearful reunion followed between Taylor and Muji at an animal hospital in Long Island, before the two flew back to their new California home on Saturday.

The tracking dog and medical bills for Muji are considerable, and Taylor started a Facebook Fundraiser page to help raise money for the whole affair. All additional proceeds will also be donated to Where is Jack? Inc.

Cover photo: Taylor Le and her cat Muji.

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