Couple Adopts Stray Dog After He jumps Into Their Truck

Do you want some roast beef?

This is Buddy, who apparently didn’t get the memo that you don’t get to choose your parents. As a stray, he suddenly jumped into Emily and Garrett’s truck one day close to their house. They were completely dumbfounded. They were understandably nervous about the situation. But they focused their energy on helping Buddy. He was in no rush to get out.

Eventually, they took him inside and had already started forming a bond with him. Buddy was taken to the vet and the couple also learned he didn’t have any owners. So, Buddy had found his forever home. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing from there. Weeks later, Buddy had gone after some birds and could no longer be found. Fortunately, after a frantic search, he was located at an animal shelter.

Following that incident, Buddy got a GPS tracker as Emily and Garrett couldn’t imagine losing him again. These days, the couple’s life revolves around Buddy. He no longer has to worry about going to sleep hungry. He is pure joy to be around and loves to be cuddled. Sometimes, he takes playing a little too far but being how adorable he is, he gets a pass.

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