No, this is not a fox hunting a poor disabled dog. Jack, a dog on wheels and Pumpkin, a rescue fox are actually best of friends in the UK. Pumpkin also happens to be blind. Despite their limitations, both couldn’t be happier when out on their regular walks.

Pumpkin can often be seen following Jack perhaps using the sound of his wheels as a guide. Here, notice how Pumpkin slows down and lets Jack take the lead during one of the walks. Pumpkin came to vet Ana’s attention when she arrived with two broken legs. While typically a fox in her condition would be put down, Ana was determined to save Pumpkin’s life. She took her home and even built her a makeshift hammock so she could be more comfortable. Pumpkin gradually started to recover. These were her first steps after surgery. Ana also noticed Pumpkin was particularly docile due to her medical issues and would likely not survive being in the wild.

Pumpkin is now part of Ana’s family. She occasionally even brings her mom a gift like this oak leaf. Pumpkin is a special case when it comes to foxes. And Ana says, she would strongly recommend against the general public keeping foxes as pets. Follow Pumpkin and Jack On Instagram.

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