Fairy Garden Sanctuary in Los Angeles Turns Up Real Fairy

One day, a fairy garden appeared below a tree in the city of angels. Built by four-year-old Eliana along with her parents, the garden was meant to be a creative distraction during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown period, where the little girl felt fitful, lonely, and stressed. Signs adorned the tree asking visitors to leave behind objects and add to the growing menagerie of items such as colored stones, figurines, and painted rocks. Miraculously, for Eliana, it also attracted a real-life fairy.

A note had appeared written by Sapphire, a fairy who reportedly lived in the garden’s tree. The letter gave Eliana a few gentle tasks, such as doing nice things for loved ones, and requested a drawing of an animal. The girl was delighted and went about performing these requests, which were duly rewarded with wonderful trinkets and further letters. Sapphire and Eliana soon developed a kind of fantastical pen pal relationship.

Sapphire the Fairy turns out to be photographer Kelly Kenney, who had spotted the garden and decided to invest in a little girl’s imagination and comfort. That intention was fully reciprocated, of course, as Kenney had been “going through a little bit of a rough patch,” and found solace and no small amount of creative inspiration through her budding friendship with Eliana.

The whole story is summarized in one of the most beautiful Twitter threads of the year. Here is where Kenney also clarifies the responsible steps she took along the way to ensure that Eliana’s parents knew who she was. Looking through a few of the letters, it’s clear that she put her full soul and enthusiasm into this connection, with no small amount of comfort through a difficult period of change, including the stress of moving to a new house.

However, this upcoming move led to a moment where the two were finally able to negotiate a meeting (with parents present, of course). Kenney was once again careful to ensure safety and awareness, with all involved taking COVID-19 tests prior. The two had been communicating with each other for almost a year by then, and “Sapphire” wore elf ears for the occasion, explaining how she had expanded to “normal” size because she herself was moving as well.

The hug was a culmination of exchanged gifts, letters, attention, and comfort during an unprecedented time, and a powerful manifestation of the fantasy they had built together. Eliana may eventually learn the truth behind Sapphire, but the two continue to exchange letters.

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