Generous Teen Surprises Young Neighbor with PlayStation 5 After Brain Cancer Surgery

Most gamers have spent the past few weeks in furious pursuit of the PlayStation 5, Sony’s newest console and 2020’s hard-to-find holiday must-have. Despite the work of busy scalpers selling the PS5 online for upwards of $1,000 or more, Philadelphia teenager Angel Otero did the unthinkable: taking his precious console prize and passing it on to his 10-year-old neighbor, Sonny Boyd.

At 10 years old, Sonny recently underwent surgery for brain cancer during a month-long hospital stay, and has also been healing a broken leg from a little league injury. 2020 has been hard for many, but Sonny’s year seems exceptionally challenging. Angel decided that the sought-after console would be just the thing to brighten up his neighbor’s December, the kind of gesture that seems particularly astonishing when considering the fact that Angel is a 16-year-old gamer himself. 

Generous Teen Surprises Neighbor Sonny Boyd with PlayStation 5 After Brain Cancer Surgery
Sonny Boyd, 10, holds the PS5 after 15-year-old Angel Otero surprised him with it Saturday night.

That’s right, the console which has compelled people to harangue department stores, join Quixotic online queues, and engage eBay bidding wars to be the hero for the holidays served as a massive act of kindness by a gamer themselves. Angel’s mother actually won the PS5 through a Facebook raffle, and Sonny won it with love.

But that’s not all: Sonny’s mother Mia couldn’t help but try and pay Angel back for the console, going so far as to shove $500 in his pocket while refusing to take no for an answer. Once again, Angel paid this windfall forward, choosing to spend it entirely on toys for needy kids in the Dominican Republic. His grandmother is a pastor in a Wilmington church and will be shipping those toys out so impoverished children will have something to look forward to come Christmas day.

It’s a wonderful story, and a welcome salve to the merciless scramble for PS5s on the internet. Angel Otero is a shining example of the snowball effect of kindness.

Angel Otero, 16, received around $500 after gifting a PlayStation 5 to a neighborhood child. He used the money to buy toys to send to the Dominican Republic.
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