Ghost of Tsushima Fans Help Restore Real-Life Torii Gate in Japan

Last year’s PlayStation 4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima was outstanding, presenting a samurai fantasy environment with impressive gameplay, searing swaths of color, and a unique historical setting, going on to garner numerous awards. Fans of the game came out in droves to bring their appreciation to bear on a real-life circumstance: rebuilding a wrecked Torii gate located on the titular island of Tsushima in Japan.

The game takes place on the island itself, which lies between Kyushu and the Korean Peninsula to the west. A typhoon last September broke the Torii gate positioned at Tushima’s Watatsumi Shrine, which led to a crowdfunding campaign to repair and restore it. The campaign ran from November to December, garnering an impressive JP¥27,103,882, or approximately $260,435, a figure which exceed its original goal five times over.

While there aren’t exact stats on how much of this total was donated by Ghost of Tsushima fans, the Japanese crowdfunding campaign page on Campfire mentions the significant percentage of donations made by gamers. The unusually high total is thanks to them, players from around the world who found a tangible way to present their love for the game and help restore a small piece of Japanese culture in the place which inspired it.

As thanks, donors who pledged more than ¥10,000 will have their names presented on a nearby stone monument. The Torii gate is scheduled to begin restoration in March, though the coronavirus pandemic (as with most things) may ultimately delay reconstruction.

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