Good Samaritan Returns $3K of Christmas Cash to Rightful Owner

There’s a good Samaritan in Wausau, WI, who performed that rare and responsible act: returning found money. This wasn’t just a personal check tucked into a Christmas card, either, but thousands of dollars in actual cash left lying there on the sidewalk.

Last week, the individual – who has preferred to remain unidentified – noticed the $3,000 in cash along with Christmas gift envelopes and a receipt, sitting in plain sight. He chose to contact the Wausau Police Department to turn in the money, and then it was up to them to handle the rest. For a city in central Wisconsin numbering about 40,000 people, the police made a smart move in order to accurately locate the money’s rightful owner.

The only real blind person at Christmas time is he who has not Christmas in his heart. - Helen Keller

Apparently, they contacted Peoples State Bank, which has two branches in Wausau. Working together with the bank – presumably using currency bill tracking, though the exact method applied was not specified in their Facebook post about the matter – the Wausau PD were able to successfully return the cash. As for the good Samaritan, they opted to throw in a little something for going above and beyond: “…for his awesome integrity, we provided the finder with a gift card to a local business to help brighten his day as well.”

Even during this difficult year, it appears that there are still those willing to go out of their way just to prevent somebody’s holiday from being ruined. That effort to help is more valuable than some quick cash.

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