Dexter and Daisy can rest happily as heroes, but of the feline variety. These two kitties rose to the task of home defenders when a sudden fire erupted in their Edinburgh apartment, using their insistent cat annoyance reflexes to arouse the residents and alert them of the life-threatening situation.

All of this happened on Boxing Day, and Dexter and Daisy flew in a tizzy over something happening outside the door. The owner was immediately concerned that there was an intruder trying to break in and stepped up to the spyhole to see the culprit. Instead of a thief, they noticed that the hallway was engulfed by fire and filled with smoke.

They expand on the sudden life-threatening event: “There hadn’t been a noise but I thought it was maybe the postman or an Amazon driver. They were both over by the front door clearly freaked out and on high alert. Something wasn’t right.”

What greater gift than the love of a cat. - Charles Dickens

The owner chose to remain anonymous for the story but at least provided the names of their brave cats. As for the fire, they quickly called emergency services and began to scream for help. A neighbor heard the commotion and worked to put out the fire as they waited for additional help to arrive.

As it turns out, this resident was the first to spot the fire, all thanks to Dexter and Daisy. It’s entirely possible that, had the cats not performed their zoomies, the neighbors in the apartment would have learned of the fire much too late. Here’s hoping there were suitable rewards for the holiday heroes.

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