Her mother abandoned her and she was found by an elderly couple in their garden who brought her to a wildlife rehabilitator in New York. Her name is Cher and she runs a rescue called Abbe-Freeland. So Cher saved Manka. And she ended up raising her with another Bobcat who she was very bonded to, who she had also rescued a couple of years earlier.

Unfortunately, the male passed away very sadly and unexpectedly last year. Cher knowing that I was starting a wild cat rescue and I already had another Bobcat, Meemie, she brought her to me to give her the best life possible because Manka was just living all alone and really sad without her mate. So now she lives with me.

They’re not in the same enclosure together because it’s too soon to introduce them. But they play outside the fence. They chase each other, Manka rolls around in the sun. She’s really, really happy, which is amazing because after her male mate died, she was just alone and sad and she didn’t have any interaction with any other animals. So Cher from Abbe-Freeland decided it would be best for her to give her a better life with me.

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