“I was contacted about a baby squirrel who had been found near a fallen tree limb. His arm was severely injured. And when I first saw him, I didn’t know if he would ever be able to walk or climb properly, but I bandaged little Jeremy up.

Over the next few months, his arm gradually started to heal. We did lots of play therapy to help strengthen his arm. And it turned out that he really, really liked to play. We created quite a bond with each other. It’s ok. You’re safe.

He is probably the sweetest squirrel I’ve ever met. He just loves being petted and having his back scratched. It was really hard to let Jeremy go. But once he had fully healed, he was ready to be released into our neighborhood. I would go for walks down the street and visit with him every day.

After a few months went by, he actually had an accident and fractured his pelvis. He came home on his own and stayed with me for a few weeks until he was ready to face the world again. He still comes home to visit every single day and he’ll walk right in the door and help himself to some goodies. I’m glad he knows where home is and that he knows how to find me whenever he needs my help.”

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